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It is the late nineteenth century.

The Players of the Music Hall Royale are giving you the

premiere performance of A Musical by Rupert Holmes,

VERY loosely based on the last novel by Charles Dickens.

Unfortunately, as we are all to discover,

the book was unfinished.





From the point at which Dickens puts down his pen, you, the audience members take over. YOU must decide, from the evidence and clues in Act I, whether a crime has been committed, if so, who did it, and - to guarantee that you all go home happy - which characters will finish the play as lovers.


There are reputedly over 300 endings. The Company has to rehearse them all, in order to perform whichever variety of conclusions you vote for. Subtle - and not so subtle - measures will be taken in an effort to ensure that each character has a turn over the eight performances at being villain or hero/ine, since all of the actors have gone to the trouble of learning numerous different closing songs and punch lines.

But, each time, the choices will be YOURS.


Come along for an evening (or afternoon even) of pure

entertainment. In the words of the Chairman of the

Music Hall Royale, played inimitably by our very own

Mr John Horwood, we urge you to

Kick off your boots, loosen your corsets . . .

. . . and enjoy yourselves.


Photos by David Mosby